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    Improving availability, reliability and efficiency of assets.

    Proper maintenance of assets has become non-negotiable as organisations and utilities are trying to delay huge capital expenses for later. Lack of adequate asset lifecycle plans and preventative maintenance strategies often result in many assets requiring a full upgrade of replacement earlier than the OEM’s recommended time.


    With the limited capital available, organisations and utilities find themselves not being able to upgrade unreliable assets which have also become very expensive to maintain. This is mainly due to the high cost of procuring spares, overtime cost and need for specialised skills. The reactive approach will result in short-term savings on operational costs, but it will later result in high CAPEX and OPEX to fix the problems. When it comes to maintenance, our approach is to be proactive with proper maintenance and operations strategies in place to prolong the life of your assets.

    Our experienced and certified maintenance team focus on developing and executing maintenance strategies to improve the availability, efficiency and reliability of the assets. The advancement of technology has enabled us to implement predictive asset maintenance strategies and digital twins to improve operations and maintenance processes.

    Our focus areas

    The provision of maintenance and operation services has been the core part of our service offering. We have supported short-term maintenance contracts and long-term Service Level Agreements (SLA), all of which has resulted in Thenga Holdings being one of the trusted maintenance service providers for some of the Africa’s leading brands. Our focus areas include the following:

    • Maintenance processes improvement
    • Corrective maintenance services
    • Preventative maintenance services
    • Predictive maintenance systems development
    • Development and enhancement of maintenance strategies
    • Mobile Workforce management system
    • Long-term Service Level Agreements
    • Maintenance Enterprise Resource Planning solutions
    • Custom manufacturing and fabrication

    Our expertise

    Electrical Maintenance

    Our expertise includes the maintenance and operations of substations, switchgear, power distribution lines, MCC’s and drives, renewable energy plants, High Frequency Power Supplies (HFPS) and other electrical systems.

    Mechanical Maintenance

    Our expertise includes the maintenance and operation of heat transfer systems, pumping stations, air and gas systems, industrial boilers, HVAC system, conveyor systems and elevators.

    Civil and Building Maintenance

    Our civil and building maintenance team focus on the maintenance of buildings, roads, transport systems, water and sanitation as well as other general infrastructure.

    Control and Instrumentation Maintenance

    Our technical team is certified and experienced on the maintenance of telemetry system, process control systems, SCADA systems and instrumentation from various OEMs’.