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    The world is changing, and so the industries that we serve. We don’t believe in one size fits all approach to engineering or technical problems and always bring our best team to tackle the most complex industry challenges through engineering and designs.


    It is not about re-inventing the wheel, but understanding that each client is unique and being open-minded since a solution to a common problem may differ from client-to-client and industry-to-industry. Thenga Holdings engineering team comprise innovative and professional engineers who always think out-of-the-box to deliver sustainable engineering solutions with the future outlook beyond the project but the entire life of the asset.

    We leverage our internal Research and Development (R&D) capabilities to deliver innovative engineering solutions and designs. Although we have strong partnerships with leading international counterparts, we also believe in designing African solutions to solve African problems or technical challenges threatening the development of the African continent and other developing countries. Our long-term design and engineering experience mean that we are also able to reduce costs associated with the design phase and the time it takes to move to the construction phase.

    Our competitive advantage

    Our client’s journey of growth and success is our obligation and reason for existence, this is backed by one of our core values, “customer-rooted”. The continuous trust and loyalty from our current clients and the built environment industry, in general, has enabled us to play in specialized sectors of engineering and industries. Operating in more than ten industries, we always assign our best engineers to every task and ensure adherence to engineering best practices and processes.


    We follow trialed and tested processes from the feasibility phase to detailed design and establishing design requirements.


    Our clients are from various industries including, water and sanitation, mining, healthcare, agriculture, transport and others.


    The technical team comprise experienced and professionally registered engineers, technologists and discipline specialists.

    Our expertise

    Electrical Engineering

    Our expertise includes the design of substations, switchgear, MCC’s and drives, renewable energy, High Frequency Power Supplies (HFPS) and back-up systems. We design and construct substations for a wide range of voltage levels with applications in power generation, transmission and distribution. One of our key focus is driving clean energy to promote sustainability and a better future for all through implementation of renewable energy projects.

    Civil and Structural Engineering

    Our expertise includes the design and construction of buildings, roads, transport systems, water and sanitation as well as general infrastructure. Thenga Holdings is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and has successfully delivered multiple infrastructure and building projects. We are trusted for the provision of structural engineering and building design services.

    Mechanical Engineering

    Our expertise includes the design of heat transfer systems, pumping systems, air and gas systems, HVAC system and conveyor systems. Our design team has experience in the design of steam generation and hot water systems for power stations, healthcare facilities, prisons and others. With advanced Building Management Systems (BMS), we design the HVAC systems to optimize occupants’ experience through improved designs and system integration capabilities.

    Automation and Technology

    The development of SCADA systems and innovative solutions, automation system integration, and design of telemetry and process control systems has been part of our strength. Thenga Holdings is a Certified System Integrator and partner for leading local and international automation and technology solution providers.  We are leading the digital transformation journey through our research and development expertise to pave your way towards the 4IR.