SABS working with Thenga Holdings to improve asset health

Project Name: Maintenance, repairs and upgrade of various mechanical systems and electrical systems.

Client: SABS

Project Commencement Date: March 2019

Project Completion Date: In Progress

Project Category: Maintenance and Engineering

Proper heating, ventilation and cooling system is no longer just about comfort and providing remarkable occupants experience. Inadequate ventilation results in degraded air quality which can heighten allergies, and in worst-case scenarios, major health issues. Preventative maintenance is therefore essential to ensure that existing systems are always delivering as expected. We have experience in the design, installation and maintenance of the HVAC systems for both residential and industrial purposes.

Our appointment

Thenga Holdings was appointed to conduct maintenance, repairs and upgrade of chiller plant room, central heating system, compressed air systems and chilled water piping system as part
of the preventative maintenance strategy and extending the lifespan of assets.

Services provided

  • Conducting preventative maintenance activities
  • Responding to corrective maintenance calls
  • System design, installation and commissioning
  • Upgrading obsolete systems and assets
  • Providing system improvement recommendations
  • Developing maintenance strategies for assets within the scope