Improving road safety through preventative maintenance and repairs

Project Name: Maintenance, repairs and upgrade of roads in the Limpopo province.

Client: SANRAL

Project Commencement Date: April 2017

Project Completion Date: March 2019

Project Category: Civil Engineering and Maintenance

Thenga Holdings is a true multi-disciplinary engineering house. While another team is at the hospital improving the healthcare infrastructure, in the lab researching and developing new technologies, the other team is on the road preparing the surface for your next journey. Be it for every day driving to work or a long drive to a vacation, the unique experience of the roads designed and maintained by the Thenga Holdings team will always be felt. Our passion is derived from the desire to improve road safety in South Africa and the neighbouring states.

Our appointment

Thenga Holdings was appointed by the South African National Road Agency Limited (SANRAL) to conduct maintenance of the various roads in the Limpopo province including R71, R40, R526 and R531.

Services provided

  • Conducting preventative maintenance activities
  • Conducting repairs and maintenance
  • Resurfacing of road
  • Health and safety
  • Project and construction management
  • Civil engineering designs