Leading innovation within the security industry

The security industry has evolved over the years with the advancement of technology. This has seen many organizations embarking on security upgrade projects to try and advance the protection of their critical assets.

Through the process, organization often find themselves investing a lot of capital but with no improvement in their asset protection level. Working with industry leaders can help the organization invest in the most recent and robust technologies tailor-made to their security needs.

Why work with us?

When it comes to advanced security solutions, Thenga Holdings does not believe in one-size-fits-all approach. Our specialists work directly with the client’s counterparts to assess and recommend the best solution. We are able to tap into our international partners’ expertise for research and development as well as manufacturing of tailor-made security solutions.

Working with our partner companies, we have seen border security being improved, fuel and animal theft reducing, reduction in inmates escaping prisons and general improvement in the protection of National Key Points (NKP) and critical assets.

Which industries do you support?

Our solutions are not limited to a specific industry, but our main focus is on the protection of national ports, airports, national parks, prisons, pipelines and other critical assets.

Who are your technology partners?

Thenga Holdings has the capacity and capability to support smart security solutions project, but we have also partnered with international leaders within the security industry.

Which solution would you recommend for protection of critical assets such as airports and national parks?

Many factors influence the recommended solution for a specific environment, but we often recommend fibre-optic based solution for such applications.