Project and Construction Management

Our expertise is backed by the right processes, systems and team to ensure that your next project is a success covering mechanical, civil, electrical and automation works.

Engineering and Design

Thenga Holdings engineering team comprise innovative and professional engineers who always think out of the box to deliver sustainable engineering solutions.

Maintenance and Operations

The maintenance team focus on developing and executing maintenance and operations
strategies to improve the availability, efficiency and reliability of the assets.

Technical Consulting

We rely on our expertise from research, designs, maintenance and operations to help clients develop and implement solutions to manage the impact of climate change, urbanization and others.

Who we are

Thenga Holdings (Pty) Ltd is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) company focusing on delivering multidisciplinary turn-key engineering solutions. We operate in more than 10 industries delivering excellence in engineering consulting and designs, procurement, maintenance as well as construction and project management.

Proven Track Record

We are the engineering partner of first choice to some of South Africa's biggest brands.

What gives us a competitive edge.

  • Thenga Holdings is a proud Level 1 BBBEE accredited company. We believe in creating equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender and race and advancing the communities in which we do business.
  • We have 9ME, 9EP, 9GB, 8CEPE and 6EBPE Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) gradings.
  • From Maintenance Artisans to Engineers and Project Managers, we pride ourselves on professional and experienced resources serving various industries since our humble beginnings.
  • We are customer rooted and our customer’s journey of growth and success is our obligation and reason for existence.
  • Excellence is not only a standard we uphold, nor a principle that guides us, it is part of our DNA.

Our Expertise

We always strive to find better ways to tackle the challenges that are headed towards us by our clients every day. Solving engineering problems and turning each idea into a solution is what brings the excitement out of our work. Thenga Holdings team comprise experienced and professional technical resources giving us a competitive advantage to cut across various industries and technical disciplines.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Our expertise includes the research and development, design and maintenance of substations, switchgear, MCC's and drives, renewable energy and back-up systems.

Automation & Technology

Automation & Technology

We develop SCADA systems and innovative solutions, automation system integration, maintenance and design of telemetry and process control systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our expertise includes the research and development, design and maintenance of heat transfer systems, pumping systems, air and gas systems as well as HVAC system.

Civil & Building Construction

Civil & Building Construction

Our expertise includes the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, transport systems, water and sanitation as well as general infrastructure.

Need an EPCM company?

Join the happy clients who have shared and witnessed the excellence and professionalism of our team. Thenga Holdings currently holds multiple contracts to provide engineering designs, project and construction management, procurement, consulting as well as maintenance and operation services.

Projects and Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contribute to community and social development?

We believe in empowering and developing our team, the youth, and communities in which we do business. We achieve this through sub-contracting opportunities to emerging companies, creating job opportunities to local communities and providing mentoring and training to graduates.

How are you helping clients through the digital transformation journey?

We work with the clients to develop a digital transformation strategy and prioritize the initiatives based on operational needs to reap immediate benefits from the low hanging fruit as well as developing long-term plan and solutions. The approach will differ from client-to-client and industry-to-industry, making it impractical to apply a one size fits all approach to digital transformation.

What is your purpose as a company?

Our purpose is to aspire and inspire, to shake up the engineering sectors in which we operate, providing ethical and exceptional service to all customers, to uplift the community and provide a platform for the growth of previously disadvantaged youth ensuring long-term sustainability and success for today as well as for generations to come.

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